Market Access

Patient Support Program (PSP)

What is a Patient Support Program?
A patient support program (PSP) is set up by a pharma company to provide various services to providers and patients for a specific drug. The services provided can vary but may include support in navigating the reimbursement processes of payers, clinical support services (including support for the patient on how to appropriately use the drug, follow-up calls to see how they are doing, etc.), free drug provisions especially when a patient is first starting a drug (and prior to insurance company approval for reimbursement), etc.

Patients can enroll in PSPs or their providers can refer them. The patient usually has a case manager who they work with at the PSP and can contact with any questions, etc. Due to the direct patient relationship, pharmacovigilance procedures are integrated into processes to ensure that any adverse events are appropriately reported.

The PSP may also be supported by field reimbursement personnel who can liase with the doctor’s office to help in navigating any reimbursement requirements.

Patient support programs are sometimes called “hubs” in the pharma industry. It is usually managed by the market access team.