Awareness Trial Usage Study

What is an Awareness Trial Usage (ATU) study?

An awareness trial usage (ATU) study is a form of market research in which the aim is to get an idea of how many prescribers of interest are aware of the product being tested, how many have newly tried it, and how use is. Each ATU study is done at a point in time, but will often be repeated over time to see trends in the points of interest.

Brand perception may also be part of the ATU, which may be why ATUs are sometimes referred to as AAUs (Awareness Attitude Usage).

ATUs can be completed in a variety of formats but most often are done as online surveys today as the data quality is still high but it is much more economical online. In specific cases or niches, other formats may still be used including telephone or in-person interviews.

Pharma companies often contract with firms offering specialized market research capabilities in order to carryout ATU studies.