Health Outcomes Liaisons

What are Health Outcomes Liaisons?

Health Outcomes Liaisons are field-based medical professionals who call on payer customers including managed care, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), health plans, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), and other population-level decision-makers.

Similar to medical science liaisons, outcomes liaisons are medically trained professionals often with advanced degrees. They can speak to off-label material in a similar manner to MSLs. Instead of providers, however, they are addressing questions and providing information to payers. Beyond general medical content, this includes health economic information such as information on budget impact, cost-effectiveness, and questions around potential patient population size.

Each outcomes liaison usually calls on a set of payers -this may include a region of smaller plans or national accounts such as CVS, Express Scripts, United Healthcare and government accounts like state Medicaid and the Veteran’s Affairs health system.

Outcomes liaisons work closely with in-house health economics and outcomes research teams and market access account executives in defining their strategies for communication with payer customers and for plan-specific action plans.

Outcomes liaisons may be called a variety of names across companies including Managed Care Liasions, Health Outcomes Directors, and Medical Value Liasions.