Healthcare Provider Marketing

What is healthcare provider (HCP) marketing?

Healthcare provider (HCP) marketing is a commercial function centered on creating strategies and tactics to increase prescribing of a drug by providers. HCP marketers leverage insights from market research, field-based teams, and other sources to understand the provider market and assess what the best path forward is to grow sales. The HCP team creates and owns the master visual aid (MVA), which is a core deliverable used by the sales teams to discuss the drug and its value proposition. They may also create other materials for use by the sales team.

An important part of HCP marketing is in understanding potential prescribers of the drug and how they behave. The physician market may be segmented based on various characteristics such as specialty or prescribing history in order to better understand the market and to drive tailored messaging to various segments.

HCP marketing also oversees the speaker bureau program, organizes plan of action (POA) meetings for the sales team, and manages brand booths at medical congresses.