Master Visual Aid

What is a Master Visual Aid?

A master visual aid (MVA) is a core deliverable for the brand marketing team and the key piece that sales representatives use in their interactions with providers. It usually contains the key messages for the brand along with key data on the drug. It is also typically visually appealing with vibrant images related to the theme of the messaging. The final messaging and content are carefully chosen, usually the winner of several concepts and many iterations that go through a considerable number of reviews and market research testing.

Increasingly, digital MVAs are produced for use on iPads, as a complimentary tool to the physical version and can be used depending on sales rep and provider preference (and what is more conducive within the setting of a given meeting).

As with other materials for use by sales representatives, MVAs contain on-label information only and usually have to be approved by a internal review committee prior to being available to the field.