Medical Information

What is Medical Information?

Medical Information is a functional area within a pharmaceutical company that delivers drug information to customers. Inquiries can come through call centers, online, via medical field teams, or through direct interface with customers at medical congresses. Call centers are usually run by third party agencies which pharmaceutical companies contract with. Internal members of the med info team often manage the agency and provide guidance on how to handle requests, with requests that do not fit into guidance or those of higher complexity being routed to them. They also create and update a set of standard response letters which are used to address common inquiries. As the evidence package for a drug grows over its lifecycle, these letters may be updated to reflect the latest data.

In some companies, medical information also oversees dissemination of value dossiers such as AMCP dossiers through the Dymaxium eDossier system. They may also have some responsibilities around creation or review of content for use by medical field teams.

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