Payer Marketing

What is Payer Marketing (Value & Access)?
Payer marketing (often also called ‘value and access’) is a function that falls under market access that is tasked with owning the payer communications strategy for a particular brand. As part of this remit they own development of most materials used by the account executive field team including the product value deck, any disease state materials, potentially tools to help discuss elements of cost, etc. They work closely with internal partners on the HCP marketing side to ensure consistency in messaging and brand strategy.

Payer marketing may also work with HEOR colleagues to develop certain tools for use by account teams with payers such as simple versions of budget impact models. The payer marketing team will generally work with HEOR to ensure that needed evidence is being generated and to ensure alignment with materials being developed for the account team v. for the field medical payer team.

The payer marketing team will determine what the access strategy should be in terms of what plans are of highest priority for favorable formulary positioning, how much in rebates may be justified to one plan v another (this work is done in collaboration with the pricing team), etc. They also track execution versus the plan and forecast along with the account team.